PORTS 1961

A cross-cultural vanguard, that once captured a zeitgeist of sweeping social change, finds itself at the forefront once again, half a decade later. Reimagining the traditional structure of design, the label reemerges as a modern creative collective with Karl Templer leading fashion and a visual identity by Baron & Baron, punctuated by a brand annotation that draws from heritage elements to create a dynamic, constantly-evolving ode to modernity

PORTS 1961 SS'20

Once again, past and present meet in an image campaign inspired by vintage magazine covers and featuring of-the-moment faces including Kaia Gerber, Jessica Fenix, Lys Lorente and more, captured by Steven Meisel. With creative direction and styling offering a warm nod to an earlier era of women on the rise, the campaign brings a renewed sense of optimism and playfulness to luxury fashion